How to Quit Smoking, Chewing, or Vaping This Year

There's no doubt about it that quitting smoking, chewing, or vaping – any type of nicotine use – is hard.

When the new year comes around, many people set a goal of finally kicking the habit and getting healthier.

In this video, Pharmacist Josh Fisher teaches us some ways to overcome the two main challenges people face when quitting nicotine – both the withdrawal from nictotine, as well as the habits surrounding use.

In this video, you'll learn the following things:

  • The two main challenges you have to overcome when quitting (0:30)
  • What withdrawal symptoms you can expect (1:30)
  • What nicotine replacement therapy is (2:15)
  • Ideas for changing your habits when it comes to using (3:55)
  • What you need to assess when quitting (5:55)
  • Why you need a support system and what they are (7:15)
  • What else you can do to help you be 80% more likely to quit for good (7:55)

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